Sides to Go With Fried Chicken: Perfect Pairings!

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Ideal sides to go with fried chicken include coleslaw, corn on the cob, and biscuits. Mashed potatoes and gravy also make a popular pairing.


Fried chicken, a beloved classic with its crispy exterior and juicy interior, demands sides that complement its textures and flavors. Top-quality side dishes can elevate this comfort food to a memorable meal. Perfect sides not only balance the meal’s flavor profile but also add color and variety to your plate, making the meal both visually appealing and more satisfying.


Fresh, crunchy vegetables can offer a contrast to the rich, savory taste of the chicken, while starches like biscuits or cornbread soak up its flavors and add a comforting touch. Picking the right combination of sides ensures that your fried chicken takes center stage at any dining table. With a thoughtful selection of accompaniments, fried chicken can go from a fast-food staple to a gourmet feast.

Classic Choices

Fried chicken calls for sides that blend comfort with classic taste. Classic Choices hit just the right note, offering familiar and beloved complements that make every bite of fried chicken more satisfying. These staple sides are more than mere additions; they are essential to the full fried chicken experience. Let us explore the ultimate trio of Fried Chicken Sides that have stood the test of time.

Mashed Potatoes

The quintessential side to any fried chicken meal is mashed potatoes. Creamy, buttery, and often crowned with a pool of rich gravy, mashed potatoes offer a smooth contrast to the crispy exterior of fried chicken. They’re easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

  • Blend with cream and butter for richness.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Top with chives for an extra pop of flavor.

Cole Slaw

Cole slaw brings a refreshing crunch to the table. This tangy, sweet salad balances the savory notes of fried chicken. Made with crisp shredded cabbage and carrots, it’s dressed in a creamy mayo or vinegar-based dressing.

  1. Use fresh cabbage for the best texture.
  2. For sweetness, add a bit of sugar.
  3. Chill before serving to meld the flavors.


No fried chicken meal is complete without flaky, biscuits. Warm and buttery, they are perfect for sopping up gravy or enjoying with a dollop of honey. These baked delights are simple, yet absolutely essential.

Ingredient Amount
Flour 2 cups
Baking Powder 1 tbsp
Butter 6 tbsp
Buttermilk 1 cup
Sides to Go With Fried Chicken: Perfect Pairings!




Southern Favorites

Nothing complements the crispy exterior of fried chicken quite like classic Southern sides. These cherished accompaniments turn a simple meal into a hearty feast. We dive into a trio of the South’s best-loved sides that promise to complete any fried chicken dinner.

Mac And Cheese

Creamy, indulgent, and oh-so-cheesy, mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. This rich side dish is a perennial favorite, bringing a golden-topped hug to your taste buds. Here’s an easy table to ensure you get your mac and cheese just right:

Ingredient Quantity
Macaroni pasta 2 cups
Cheddar cheese 1 cup
Milk 1 cup
Butter 2 tbsp
Bread crumbs 1/4 cup


Sweet, buttery, and crumbly, cornbread stands as a Southern staple. Its golden crust and tender center pairs with fried chicken like they’re long-lost soulmates. A slice of cornbread soaks up the flavors and balances the meal.

  • Preheat oven to 375°F for a perfect bake.
  • Cornmeal is key for that authentic taste.
  • Don’t overmix the batter to keep it light and fluffy.

Collard Greens

A bowl of collard greens, simmered to perfection, hails from the heart of Southern cooking. This vitamin-packed green brings a peppery kick while marrying well with the savory notes of fried chicken.

  1. Start with fresh, washed collard greens.
  2. Simmer with garlic, onion, and bacon or ham hocks.
  3. Season with salt, pepper, and a hint of vinegar.

Lighter Options

Fried chicken is a classic favorite, but sometimes you crave a lighter touch on the side. Explore options that offer a fresh balance without weighing you down. These lighter side dishes are the perfect accompaniment to your crispy feast, adding a refreshing twist to your meal without overshadowing the main star.

Green Salad

A simple green salad bursts with freshness, complementing fried chicken’s richness. Toss together a mix of crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy cucumbers. For extra zing, add a handful of fresh herbs like basil or parsley. Top it off with a light vinaigrette, giving your meal a delightful, tangy finishing touch.

  • Mixed greens: Lettuces like arugula and spinach
  • Colorful veggies: Bell peppers, cherry tomatoes
  • Crunch: Seeds or nuts, for texture
  • Dress lightly: Use olive oil, lemon juice, or vinegar

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables offer a smoky flavor that’s a great match for fried chicken. Vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, and asparagus turn slightly sweet and wonderfully smoky when grilled. Dress them with just a hint of olive oil, salt, and pepper to keep the flavors clean and balanced.

Vegetable Preparation Grilling Time
Asparagus Trimmed 4-6 minutes
Bell Peppers Sliced 5-8 minutes
Zucchini Sliced in rounds 4-5 minutes

Remember to keep the veggies in big pieces to prevent them from falling through the grill!

Sides to Go With Fried Chicken: Perfect Pairings!




International Twists

Are you ready to take your taste buds on a global adventure? Fried chicken is loved worldwide, and each culture adds a unique side to elevate this classic dish. Let’s explore some international sides that will transform your fried chicken meal into a global feast!

Fried Plantains

Fried plantains bring a touch of tropical sweetness to your plate. They are sliced, fried, and served golden brown. Here’s how to make them shine:

  • Select ripe plantains for the sweetest flavor.
  • Slice them diagonally for an appealing look.
  • Fry until they’re caramelized for a delightful crunch.

Pair with spicy fried chicken for an unforgettable mix of tastes.

Asian Slaw

Asian slaw is a fresh, vibrant side dish that’s perfect with fried chicken. This slaw combines thin strips of vegetables with a tangy dressing. Ready to taste?

Ingredient Details
Cabbage Sliced thin for crunch
Carrots Julienne for a pop of color
Dressing Sesame oil and vinegar base

Mix them together and add a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Enjoy this crisp, tangy slaw with your chicken for a bite of Asia.

Unexpected Pairings

When it comes to fried chicken, the traditional sides spring to mind: mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and biscuits. But let’s step outside the box with pairings that surprise and delight. These unexpected combos will elevate your fried chicken game to a whole new level.


Fried chicken served with waffles – it’s not just for breakfast. The sweet and savory blend is pure magic. Imagine crispy chicken atop a golden waffle, drizzled with maple syrup. Or, go bold with spicy honey.

Try these waffle variations:

  • Classic buttermilk waffles
  • Chocolate chip waffles for a sweet twist
  • Herb waffles for a savory kick


Tangy pickles cut through the richness of fried chicken like a fresh breeze. Crunchy dill pickles or sweet bread and butter pickles can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one.

Consider these pickle options:

  1. Homemade refrigerator pickles
  2. Spicy pickled jalapenos for heat lovers
  3. Pickled vegetables for a colorful side

Sides to Go With Fried Chicken: Perfect Pairings!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Sides To Go With Fried Chicken

What Are Classic Sides For Fried Chicken?

Coleslaw and buttermilk biscuits are classic complements to fried chicken. They balance the dish with a mix of creamy textures and rich flavors.

Can I Pair Fried Chicken With Salads?

Yes, a light, leafy green salad or a tangy potato salad pairs well with fried chicken. It offers a refreshing contrast to the meal’s crispiness.

Are There Vegetarian Options To Serve With Fried Chicken?

Certainly, roasted vegetables or corn on the cob are excellent vegetarian sides that add color and nutrition to a meal centered around fried chicken.

What Type Of Bread Goes With Fried Chicken?

Cornbread makes an excellent side, its sweet and savory taste harmonizes with the salty crunch of the chicken.


Wrapping up, the perfect side dishes can elevate your fried chicken meal to new heights. Whether you opt for classic coleslaw, buttery corn on the cob, or a tangy potato salad, each complements the crispy, savory star of the table.

Experiment with these favorites or explore new recipes, ensuring every bite is a delight. Remember, the ideal accompaniment balances flavor, texture, and nutrition, transforming a simple chicken dinner into a memorable feast. Gather your ingredients, and let’s make that next meal unforgettable!

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