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Popeyes Catering offers a variety of flavorful fried chicken and sides with prices online. Easily order Popeyes Catering Menu for any event through their online platform.


For those looking to spice up their gatherings, Popeyes Catering delivers a taste of Louisiana to any event. Renowned for their crispy fried chicken, Popeyes provides a range of menu options that can cater to both small and large groups.


Their catering menu includes party platters, fried chicken buckets, and a variety of signature sides like mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy, coleslaw, and their famous biscuits. Pricing varies depending on the order size and location, but the convenience of online ordering simplifies the process for event planners. Perfect for office lunches, family reunions, or casual get-togethers, Popeyes Catering brings a distinctive southern flare to the table, ensuring that your guests leave with both their hunger and taste for zest thoroughly satisfied.


Why Choose Popeyes Catering

Choosing Popeyes Catering for an event means treating guests to a feast packed with flavor and tradition. From family gatherings to office parties, Popeyes delivers a meal that satisfies everyone’s craving for Southern-style cooking. With attention to quality, variety, convenience, and affordability, Popeyes stands out as the perfect partner for any festive occasion.

Delicious And High-quality Food

Popeyes’ signature recipes marry bold Louisiana spices with fresh ingredients. Their famous fried chicken, crispy on the outside and tender within, is a crowd-pleaser. Catering also includes savory sides and delicious desserts. Each dish is prepared with care, ensuring a high-quality experience for all taste buds.

Variety Of Menu Options

With Popeyes Catering, there’s no shortage of choices. From spicy to mild, meaty to vegetarian, the menu offers something for every guest. Select from a range of platters, party-sized sides, and indulgent treats. Create a custom spread that will delight both the adventurous and picky eaters alike.

Convenient Ordering Process

Ordering Popeyes Catering online is a breeze. Access their menu, view pricing, pick your favorites, and schedule your order – all from the comfort of your device. You can arrange for pickup or delivery at your specified time, which makes planning your event hassle-free.

Affordable Prices

Popeyes offers competitive pricing for its generous portions, ensuring you can feed a large group without breaking the bank. Watch out for their deals and combos which offer even more value. Enjoy a feast that’s as friendly to your wallet as it is to your guests’ appetites.

Overview Of Popeyes Catering Menu

When craving for Louisiana spiced succulent chicken, Popeyes is the name that tickles the taste buds. The wonderful news, Popeyes catering menu offers a smorgasbord of appetizing options right at your event. High on flavors, it is a budget-friendly option that guarantees gastronomic satisfaction to everyone present.

Appetizers And Starters

Popeyes tantalizes the taste buds with a wide range of appetizers. Enjoy the Chicken Tender appetizer, a customer favorite, priced reasonably. Also, savor the Mardi Gras Wings that are both juicy, crispy and spicy.

Chicken Favorites

Loyal customers rave about Popeyes’ piece chicken meals. Opt for the 50 or 100 pieces to cater to your guests. Each piece chicken box, juicy and crispy, also comes with a biscuit and side of your choice.

Seafood Selections

Another great addition to the catering menu is the seafood selection. Dive into offerings like Popcorn Shrimp and Catfishfillet, served with creamy tartar sauce.

Sides And Extras

From savory Cajun fries to creamy mashed potatoes, Popeyes’ sides are a perfect accompaniment to the main dishes. The menu also features Cajun rice, coleslaw, and red beans with rice. Extras like extra sauce packets are also available.


Cap off the meal with sweet endings such as the Cinnamon Apple Pie or the indulgent Mardi Gras Cheesecake. Also try the scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookies for a sweet treat.

With a diverse spread of flavors, the Popeyes catering menu caters to different palates, ensuring everybody leaves with a satisfied, happy tummy. Order online today!

Popular Catering Packages

Indulging in Popeyes’ flavorful fried chicken and seafood has never been so easy, thanks to their catering services. With a range of packages to choose from, feeding a crowd is a breeze. Now, let’s dive into some of the top picks.

Classic Chicken Feast

A big hit is the Classic Chicken Feast. It includes Popeyes’ signature crispy, spicy fried chicken, sides, and biscuits. It’s perfect for parties or family gatherings.

  • Mouthwatering fried chicken
  • Several side choices
  • Fresh, fluffy biscuits

Seafood Spectacular

If you’re a seafood lover, consider the Seafood Spectacular. With succulent shrimp and fish, now you can enjoy Louisiana at its best.

  • Fried shrimp platter
  • Hearty fish filets

Family Meal Deals

Finally, for a meal that hits home, opt for the Family Meal Deals. With fried chicken, sides, and drinks, it’s the perfect weekend treat for the family.

  1. Famous crunchy fried chicken
  2. Select your favorite sides
  3. Tasty drinks included

So next time you’re planning an event, Order Popeyes Catering Online for a hassle-free, delicious meal. Enjoy the finest Louisiana has to offer at your doorstep.

Popeyes Catering Menu: Feast Affordably & Order Online!

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Customizing Your Catering Order

Feasting with Popeyes just got personal! Tailoring your catering order ensures every guest bites into bliss. Whether a small family gathering or a large corporate event, Popeyes’ flexible catering menu allows you to curate a spread that’s just right. Excite every palate and celebrate with Cajun flair by customizing your order to perfection.

Creating the perfect meal combination is easy with Popeyes’ robust menu. Enjoy the liberty to pair spicy chicken with milder sides or mix classics with new favorites. Craft a culinary adventure that satisfies everyone at your party.

  • Fried Chicken – spicy or mild
  • Signature Sides – from red beans & rice to Cajun fries
  • Handcrafted Tenders
  • Fresh Biscuits
  • Delectable Desserts

Controls for portion sizes ensure you have exactly what you need. Popeyes provides choices for small groups to grand gatherings. Choose from a variety of platters and meal bundles to feed any number of hungry guests.

Popeyes recognizes the importance of dietary preferences and restrictions. Indicate any special dietary needs on your catering order. Options can include:

  • No-spice options for sensitive tastebuds
  • Vegetarian sides to cater to non-meat eaters
  • Allergy-friendly adjustments

Don’t compromise on taste or necessity. Popeyes’ team is ready to assist with your special requests to ensure everyone is delighted.

How To Place An Online Catering Order

Throwing a party or organizing an event requires delicious food to delight your guests. Popeyes Catering brings a tantalizing touch of Louisiana to any gathering! Here’s how you can place an online catering order, ensuring your event is a hit with mouth-watering flavors.

Creating An Account

To start your order, visit Popeyes’ catering website. Hit the Sign Up button to create a new account. You’ll need to provide some basic information like your name, email, and phone number.

Selecting Pickup Or Delivery

Once you’re logged in, choose whether you want to pick up your order or have it delivered. Pick your desired date and time. Delivery might include additional charges.

Choosing Menu Items

  • Browse the catering menu for options like Fried Chicken, Chicken Tenders, and Seafood Platters.
  • Select from side dishes like Red Beans and Rice, salads, and biscuits.
  • Don’t forget desserts and drinks for a complete meal experience!

Specifying Event Details

In the event details section, specify the number of guests. Select your party trays and indicate any special instructions if needed.

Reviewing And Confirming Order

Review your order carefully. Check for accuracy in menu items, quantities, and prices. Once you’re ready, click the Place Order button to confirm. You will receive an email with the details.

Popeyes Catering Menu: Feast Affordably & Order Online!

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Delivery And Pickup Options

With Popeyes Catering, you can enjoy their delicious Louisiana style menu right at your doorstep or pick them up from their accessibility-friendly locations. Explore below the various options to make your dining experience as smooth as possible.

Availability Of Delivery

Popeyes offers delivery options across numerous locations. Just choose your favorite dishes from the Popeyes Catering Menu, place an order online, and get it delivered to your home or office.

Pickup Locations

You can also opt for a pickup service to collect your order yourself. Over 2,000 Popeyes outlets across the United States, ensure there is always a pickup location near you.

Delivery Timeframes

Typically, the delivery timeframe for orders depends on the quantity and the location. Nevertheless, rest assured that Popeyes strives to deliver your order fresh and hot within an hour of placing the order.

Additional Charges

Depending on the location, additional delivery charges may apply that cover the cost of the delivery service. Always check the estimated total amount before finalizing your order.

Tips For Successful Catering

Transform your parties and events with Popeyes catering menu. Here are some essential tips to help you order from Popeyes catering online.

Ordering In Advance

Preventing last-minute chaos becomes easy when you place your order in advance. Pre-order to ensure availability and relieve stress.

Calculating Portions

The challenge is estimating the correct amount of food. A rough guide: consider two pieces of chicken or one sandwich per person.

Providing Dietary Information

Inform Catering Services about any dietary requirements or allergy information. A range of items cater to different dietary needs.

Ensuring Timely Setup

Arranging an early setup helps avoid rushing and gives you extra time for unforeseen issues. Popeyes team will assist with timely setup.

Communicating With Popeyes Catering

Clear communication with the catering team is crucial. Discuss your needs, ask questions, and maintain an open dialogue for a successful event.

Popeyes Catering Menu: Feast Affordably & Order Online!

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Frequently Asked Questions For Popeyes Catering Menu With Prices Order Popeyes Catering Online

How Many People Does Popeyes Large Side Feed?

A Popeyes large side typically feeds about 3-4 people.

Can I Have Corporate Number For Popeyes?

Yes, you can contact Popeyes corporate number at (877) 767-3937 for assistance.

What Is Popeyes $10 Sampler Box?

Popeyes $10 sampler box is a meal deal offering a varied mix of Popeyes favorites. It includes 2 pieces of fried chicken, 2 tenders, biscuits, and 2 sides of choice, all under $10.

What Is Popeyes Girl Dinner?

Popeyes’ “Girl Dinner” is a meal option including various side dishes like mac & cheese, Cajun fries, mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy, red beans & rice, coleslaw and biscuits, with no chicken included.


Wrapping up, the convenience and ease of ordering Popeyes catering online has never been more simple. Diverse in delicious choices and affordably priced, Popeyes catering provides the perfect solution for any event. Savor the unique flavors of Louisiana kitchen while enjoying exceptional service.

Remember, next time your celebration calls for catering, Popeyes has got you covered with just a click.

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